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HHO Car - New Breed of Hybrid

More and more people worldwide start using this technology to save gasoline, energy, and the environment. This HHO car system can be fitted on every type of engine which is available in the market with a little variation depending on the Engine of the car. It can be used on both petrol and diesel Engine. Operating an HHO car is economically and commercially cheaper than your gasoline car. You can easily build your own kit or buy an HHO kit and install it in your car and save money on gas. And it is not that hard at all! Everything you will need for making your HHO generator can be found easily and it is more environmentally friendly and saves the emission of harmful gases.

HHO Cars New Way to save Gas:

Produced from simple electrolysis, the HHO gas improves the combustion process that way produced more power. The electrolysis process is triggered by engine RPM so that the HHO gas is produced only when it is needed. By improving gasoline combustion and engine power less fuel is needed to produce the same power. That way the engine runs clean and 100% fuel is combusted and residues are disposed of more efficiently through exhaust pipes.

- Your petrol and diesel engine combusts 20%-30% of the fuel mixture and by-products are expelled through the exhaust system but some residues are left in the Engine which causes wear and tears in the engine which starts deterioration.

- By implementing HHO gas in a combustion chamber fuel efficiency increases up to 80%-100% which causes increased power output and reduces the amount of fuel used for this process.

- During this process the temperature of the car engine is also lowered as HHO gas is converted into Water Vapor which is expelled through the exhaust system.

- By Converting your Vehicle into an HHO car can save you from 10% up to 40% of your monthly maintenance and gasoline costs.

The Military, NASA, Scientists, Universities...

Learn How to Easily Replicate Hydrogen Hybrid Technology, to save money on gas. HHO has used for over 50 Years by The Military, NASA, Scientists, Universities and recently Car Makers such as Honda, BMW and Lexus and others. For over 50 years international institutions, universities, engineering associations and independent testing labs have been compiling documentation and test results proving that small amounts of hydrogen added to the internal combustion engine significantly reduces toxic emissions, increases engine performance and provides a more complete burn of the fuel resulting in better gas mileage …

How Does that System Work?

The Electricity from your car battery is used to convert water to HHO Gas. HHO is Hydogen+Hydogen+Oxygen ions. When electricity passes through the H2O water molecule it splits the atom of water and HHO conversion takes place. HHO is also known as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and Water Gas. The Electrolysis of water produces burnable green gas. HHO auto conversion creates hybrid cars, which are now water-powered cars instead of gasoline-powered cars.

- In its pure distilled state water does not conduct electricity enough for the electrolysis process to start over. But with the catalyst Baking Soda and electricity, water can be split into HHO ions.

- Water is a good substance for absorbing and releasing energy and it holds four states of matter. The fourth state is HHO a gaseous structure derived from water molecules or Brown Gas. When ignited Browns Gas implodes and releases a lot of energy nearly 2000 gallons of highly inflammable gas. But the unburned part reverts and converts into the water which again saves the energy and environment.

- When separating water into HHO/Browns Gas each Gallon of Water expands into 1839.13 gallons of highly combustible gas. 1234.44 gallons of Hydrogen and 604.69 gallons of Oxygen can be obtained from each gallon of water.

(Figure: Working of HHO System in Closed Loop)

save money on gas hydrogen hho car
save money on gas hydrogen hho car

Working Principle of HHO:

- An HHO Generator uses battery electric current to separate Water into its Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules.

- The Electric current enters from Anode ( A Positively charged electrode) on the right side
The electric current passes through Water and enters exist into Cathode (A Negatively Charged electrode)

- Oxygen is generated at the Anode and Hydrogen is generated at Cathode. These gases then mix on their way out and this mixture is called Browns Gas.
(Figure: Working of HHO in Electrodes mode)

HHO extraction from water hydrogen generator cars

HHO Hybrid cars - a synonym for fuel efficient car:

- HHO car is more qualified to be called the future of HYBRID Cars. By keeping our planet cleaner and healthier HHO system reduces negative emissions from the engine by up to 60%.

- By lowering fuel consumption, it also reduces our dependency on foreign oil and that way keeps gasoline prices at a reasonable level.

- It could help lower carbon monoxide emissions which are highly toxic for all living beings by 50%.

- By using HHO gas can help lowering carbon dioxide gas by 60% which is the main reason for global warming.

- HHO is derived from a renewable source Water, thus the emission will be nothing but water vapor.

HHO Generator- How to Build your Own:

Download Illustrated easy to follow in-depth step by step instructions to build your HHO Converter and save money on gas. Connecting ready-built HHO System could take as little as 10 minutes. Building an HHO generator from scratch depends on your skill level and availability. The HHO system connects to your 12 volt battery via the ignition switch. HHO makes the engine runs smoother and quieter without any noise knocking or pinging. The water changes the cycle even smoother. After installation of the HHO kit, this happens from the moment of installation, and hydrogen in cars creates less noise and less vibration. Which then results in smooth gear shifts cleaner pistons and valves and generally better engine operation.

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California Environmental Engineering (CEE) has tested this technology and found reduction on all exhaust emissions. They subsequently stated: “CEE feels that the result of this test verifies that this technology is a viable source for reducing emissions and fuel consumption on large diesel engines.” 

Corrections Canada tested several systems and concluded, “The hydrogen system is a valuable tool in helping Corrections Canada meet the overall Green Plan by: reducing vehicle emissions down to an acceptable level and meeting the stringent emissions standard set out by California and British Columbia; and reducing the amount of fuel consumed by increased mileage.”

Additionally, their analysis pointed out that this solution is the most cost effective. For their research they granted the C.S.C. Environmental Award. 

The American Hydrogen Association Test Lab tested this technology and proved that: “Emissions test results indicate that a decrease of toxic emissions was realized.” Again, zero emissions were observed on CO (carbon).

ArvinMeritor / MIT Hydrogen-Enhanced Combustion Engine Could Improve Gasoline Fuel Economy by 20% to 30%

Work being done by ArvinMeritor, IAV (Ingenieursgesellshaft für Auto und Verkehr) and MIT on enhancing gasoline combustion with a small hydrogen gas stream is pointing toward a potential estimated improvement in gasoline fuel economy of 20% to 30%, depending upon the baseline engine.


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Tests, Scientists & Customer Feedback – It Really Does Work!

Think about some of the facts. We all rely on our cars to commute to work, travel for leisure, perform daily errands and even have our medical needs met. Public transportation is a great way to save if it’s available, however there are many urban areas that don’t offer it and even more rural areas that are without it a well. As a result, many people are trying to find jobs that are closer to their home just to avoid the financial strain of having to fill up the tank with the high gas prices. The prices are rising rapidly and it’s cutting in on the ability to pay for other things. Hydrogen Water Hybrid Technology is changing all of this. These problems are no longer problems for thousands of people because they have already started using our guide and begun saving a hundred dollars or so a MONTH in gas prices. What could you do with that extra money? Save money on gas Today.

save money on gas
save money on gas

cheap gas save money
cheap gas save money


gas save fuel tips
gas save fuel tips

hho hybrid conversion tips
hho hybrid conversion tips

big-Rig semi save money on gas better MPG
big-Rig semi save money on gas better MPG

Waterfuel is not new to engines either!

As early as 1863, US Patent #40805 was granted for supplemental hydrogen in internal combustion engines. In 1865, this ‘Hugon Gas Engine’ was supplemented with WATER to increase its power output, prevent smoke, noticeably reduce its operating temperature and prolong the engine’s life. Although engines have changed dramatically, these are exactly the same things we’re doing in this 21st Century with Water4Gas. We use our old friend – water – to achieve increased engine’s power output, smoke prevention, reduced operating temperature and longer engine’s life… 

Working models of the Hugon Gas Engine are displayed in Anson Engine Museum (Poynton, Cheshire, UK) and in the Conservatoire National des Arts (Métiers, France)

Hugon Gas Engine save on gas fuel increase MPG

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hho save on gas hybrid diy free energy

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