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Join a community of independent thinkers and freedom-seekers who are revolutionizing their driving experience with HHO Car, the game-changing hybrid technology of the future. This breakthrough system can be easily installed in any vehicle, giving you the power to take control of your fuel costs and liberate yourself from the constraints of traditional gas-guzzlers.

For over 70 years, international institutions, including the military, NASA, scientists, universities, and renowned car manufacturers like Honda, BMW, and Lexus, have been harnessing the power of HHO technology. These institutions have extensively researched and documented the positive impact of small amounts of hydrogen on internal combustion engines. Now, you can access this game-changing technology and achieve similar results.

As early as 1863, US Patent #40805 was granted for supplemental hydrogen in internal combustion engines. In 1865, this ‘Hugon Gas Engine’ was supplemented with WATER to increase its power output, prevent smoke, noticeably reduce its operating temperature and prolong the engine’s life. Although engines have changed dramatically, these are exactly the same things we’re doing in this 21st Century with HHO Technology. We use our old friend – water – to achieve increased engine’s power output, smoke prevention, reduced operating temperature and longer engine’s life… Working models of the Hugon Gas Engine are displayed in Anson Engine Museum (Poynton, Cheshire, UK) and in the Conservatoire National des Arts (Métiers, France)

This technology has undergone rigorous testing and analysis by esteemed organizations, such as the California Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Corrections Canada. They have confirmed the reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption while meeting stringent emissions standards. The American Hydrogen Association Test Lab also observed decreased toxic emissions. Additionally, esteemed institutions like ArvinMeritor, IAV, and MIT have collaborated

  1. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: By implementing the HHO gas produced through electrolysis, your engine’s combustion process improves significantly. This leads to greater power generation with less fuel consumption, allowing you to achieve fuel efficiency gains of up to 80%-100%. Experience increased power output while reducing the amount of fuel required.

  2. Cleaner and Greener: HHO Car not only saves you money but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment. By integrating HHO gas into the combustion chamber, toxic emissions are reduced by up to 60%. Carbon monoxide emissions, known to be highly toxic, can be decreased by 50%. Furthermore, HHO gas helps lower carbon dioxide emissions by 60%, combating the main driver of global warming.

  3. Extended Engine Lifespan: Converting your vehicle into an HHO car doesn’t just benefit your wallet and the environment—it also extends the lifespan of your engine. Traditional combustion engines tend to accumulate residues, causing wear and tear over time. HHO technology promotes a more complete burn of fuel, resulting in cleaner pistons, valves, and overall better engine performance.

At its core, HHO Car represents a celebration of freedom and self-sufficiency. By liberating yourself from the grip of soaring gas prices, you gain the freedom to explore new horizons and embark on exciting adventures. Picture yourself cruising down the open road, knowing that you have the power to control your energy destiny. Experience the thrill of driving a vehicle that aligns with your values of independence and resourcefulness.

The HHO system taps into the electricity from your car battery to convert water into HHO gas. This gas, also known as Brown Gas, Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, or Water Gas, is produced through a process called electrolysis. By splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen ions, the HHO gas is created, ready to power your vehicle. It’s a renewable and environmentally friendly source that releases only water vapor as an emission.

This Easy to follow detailed illustrated 250 page step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to build and install your own hybrid system.

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BONUS eBooks filled with DIY FREE Energy devices

Unlock the secrets of DIY FREE Energy devices with over 3,000 pages of patents, tutorials, and in-depth guides from engineering geniuses. Discover innovative ways to harness sustainable power and revolutionize your energy consumption.

Fuel Your Energy Independence: Embrace the World of FREE Energy Devices!

Unlock the Secrets of Over 3000 Pages Filled with Patents, Tutorials, and In-Depth Diagrams to Tap into Limitless Energy Sources

• Lawrence Tseung’s Gravity Impact wheel The Chas Campbell System
• Jacob Bitsadze’s Pulley Ratio Information
• The self-powered generator of José Luis García del Castillo
• The Wilson self-powered DC generator
• The Bedini Pulsed Flywheel
• James Hardy’s Water-jet Generator
• The Donnie Watts self-powered generator
• The Two-year magnetic Pendulum
• Gravitational Effects
• Mikhail Dmitriev’s nudged weights gravity wheel
• The Veljko Milkovic Pendulum / Lever system
• Other Gravity Designs
• James Kwok’s “Hidro” Self-Powered Generator
• The Ribero Buoyancy Patent
• The 30-kilowatt Gravity-Powered Motor
• William Skinners’ torque multiplier

  1. • The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator
    • The Ecklin-Brown generator
    • The Howard Johnson magnet motor
    • The Stephen Kundel permanent magnet motor
    • Charles Flynn’s permanent magnet motor
    • Steorn’s Magnet Motor
    • George Soukup’s Magnet Motor
    • Dietmar Hohl’s V-Magnet Motor and Jes Ascanius’ implementation of it
    • Constructing a simple permanent magnet motor
    • Donald Kelly’s Magnet Motor
    • Mike Brady’s Perendev Magnet Motor
    • Magnetic shielding from Pasi Mäkilä
    • The Twin Rotor suggestion
    • The Permanent Magnet Motor of Victor Diduck

• Bedini Pulsing
• Roger Andrews’ switching system
• Ron Knight’s professional battery advice
• Ron Pugh’s Charger
• Ossie Callanan’s charging system
• The Self-charging system
• The Relay Coil Battery Charger
• The Re-wired Fan Charger
• The Automotive Coil Charger
• The Alexkor multiple battery charger
• Sucahyo’s pulse battery charger
• Howerd Halay’s cold electricity conditioning
• The ‘UFOpolitics’ motor
• Michael Emme’s 3 Kilowatt Earth Battery
• A Battery Charger for just One Battery
• A Fast-Charge Joule Thief Arrangement from Rene
• Charles Seiler charging circuits
• The Joule Thief as a Battery Charger
• The South African Self-powered Generator

• Hans Cohler’s device
• Thomas Trawoeger’s pyramid
• James Brock’s pyramid
• Les Brown’s pyramid
• Joseph H. Cater’s explanation of how a pyramid actually works
• Pier Luigi Ighina’s “ERIM” and “Elios” passive devices
• The Joe Cell
• The Italian B.A.C. Coil
• Co-axial Cable Electrets
• Dan Davidson’s Research

• Booster design
• Simple DC boosters
• The “Smack’s” booster
• The “Hotsabi” booster
• ontrolling the Oxygen Sensor
• The Zach West booster
• Bill Williams’ “DuPlex” booster
• The ‘Hogg’ Electrolyser
• AVA Magnetic Levitation’s Spiral booster
• Advanced Boosters

• The Bob Boyce DC electrolyser
• Pulsed Water-Splitters
• Dave Lawton’s Meyer Replication
• Dr Cramton’s water-splitter
• Bob Boyce’s Toroidal water-splitter
• Resonance Water-Splitting
• Dave Lawton’s Auto-Tune Circuit
• Running an Electrical Generator on Water Alone
• Running an Unmodified Generator on Water Alone
• Stan Meyer’s Water Injection System
• Peter Lindemann running a lawnmower on water alone
• Peter Lowrie’s High-Current Electrolyser System
• Water use in engines
• Ted Ewert’s Vortex Tube

• The Tesla Generators
• Permanent Magnet Generator
• The Gravity Wave Detector
• The Butch Lafonte Motor / Generator
• The Joseph Newman’s COP = 8 Device
• Daniel Cook’s Induction Coil
• Michael Eskeli’s Fuel-less Heater
• Cold Fusion – Andrea Rossi
• William Hyde’s COP = 10 Electrostatic Power Generator
• The Suppression of Knowledge
• Bob Beck’s Electronic Pulser

• Heaters
• The Wood-gas Stove
• Mr Teslonian’s wood-gas stove / electrical generator / fuel producer
• The solid-fuel electricity stove
• Henry Paine’s HHO patent
• Sang Nam Kim’s HHO heaters
• The H-Cat HHO heater from Justin Church
• Eugene Frenette
• Eugene Perkins
• The re-wired halogen heater
• William McDavid’s Wind-Power or Water-Power Generator
• Frank Herbert’s Wind Generator

• Arthur Bentley’s Water Pump
• The Self-powered Ram Pump
• Discouraging mosquitoes and small flies
• Wave Power
• Cooling Using Heat
• Solar Panels
• Lighting for Africa
• Manoj Bhargava’s energy system
• Low-cost Cooling Systems
• Sensible Building – Earthships

• Charles Flynn’s devices Lawrence Tseung’s magnetic frame
• Thane Heins’ dual toroidal magnetic frame
• The High-power Motionless Generator of Clemente Figuera
• The Zero back-EMF Coils of Alexkor
• The Self-Powered Generators of Barbosa and Leal
• The First Barbosa and Leal Replication
• The Ultra-simple Device of Lorrie Matchett
• The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis and Patrick Eberly
• Valeri Ivanov’s Motionless Generator
• The Motionless Generators of Kelichiro Asaoka
• Floyd Sweet’s VTA
• Pavel Imris’ Optical Generator
• The Michel Meyer and Yves Mace Isotopic Generator
• The Colman / Seddon-Gilliespie Generator
• Don Smith’s Magnetic Resonance System

• The Adams Motor/Generator
• The Teruo Kawai Motor
• The Buie-Morin Power System
• James Hardy’s Water-jet Generator
• Raoul Hatem’s Energy System
• Lawrence Tseung’s COP = 3.3 Pulsed Rotor
• Raising DC Motor Efficiency
• The Infinity Motor
• Faraday’s Homopolar or N-Machine
• Art Porter’s Magnetic device
• The RotoVerter

• A Practical Implementation of One of Don Smith’s devices
• Making a Solid-state Tesla Coil
• Constructing High-quality Coils
• Ming Cao’s Developments
• Russian Developments
• Chinese Developer ‘Salty Citrus’
• Using two Tesla Coils back-to-back
• The ‘Gegene’ Magnetic Plate Arrangement
• The Cold Electricity Coil of ‘UFOpolitics’
• Stanley Meyer’s Magnetic Particles Power Generator
• The work of Russ Gries

• Frank Prentice’s horizontal wire system
• Dave Lawton’s Water Fuel Cell
• John Bedini’s Battery Pulse-Charger
• The Tesla Switch
• The Self-powered Free-Energy Generators of Carlos Benitez
• Bozidar Lisac’s 1-battery charger patent
• Lawrence Tseung’s “FLEET” toroid
• LaserSaber’s Joule Thief lighting circuits
• The Ed Gray / Marvin Cole Power System
• Tesla’s Experiments
• The Alberto Molina-Martinez Generator
• The Hubbard Self-powered Generator
• The Joseph Cater Self-powered Generator
• The Self-powered Generator of André Coutier
• Floyd Sweet’s VTA
• Rosemary Ainslie’s COP=17 heater
• Dr Oleg Gritskevitch’s COP=100 1.5 MW generator

• Nikola Tesla’s Aerial Plate Power System
• The Jes Ascanius replication of Tesla’s Aerial Plate System
• Thomas Henry Moray’s System
• Herman Plauson’s System
• The ‘Alexkor’ Aerial System
• The ‘TREC’ Aerial System of Lawrence Rayburn
• Chapter 8: Fuel-less Motors
• The Bob Neal Motor
• The Scott Robertson air compressor
• The Leroy Rogers Motor
• The Eber Van Valkinburg Motor
• The Clem Motor
• The Papp Motor
• The Robert Britt Motor
• Heinrich Klostermann’s Air Plasma Motor

• Cam timing Issues
Robert Krupa’s ‘FireStorm’ Spark Plug
• Plasma Ignition
• Roger Maynard’s Water Vapour Injection System
• “Fuelsavers” streamlining
• The Ram Implosion Wing
• High mpg Carburettors
• Allen Caggiano’s High-mpg carburettor
• A Fuel Vapourisation System
• Vortex Fuel Reforming (GEET)
• The Weird Nature of Water and Advanced Electrolysis
• The Production of SG Water
• The Electrolyser of Charles Garrett
• The Electrolyser of Archie Blue
• The HHO cell of Paul Zigouras

• Paul Baumann’s “Thestakia”
• The Homopolar or “N-Machine”
• The “Romag” and “Mini-Romag” Generators
• The Frolov / Moller’s Atomic Hydrogen Generator
• Jesse McQueen
• The Nitro Cell (“D18”)
• The HydroStar and HydroGen
• Hydrogen from Aluminium
• Francois Cornish
• Dave Lawton’s assymetric MEG variation
• The Devices of Hans Coler

• Mead and Holmes Power System
• Solar Ovens
• Solar Water Pasteurisation
• Solar Water Stills
• Water purity and quality
• Making Colloidal Silver
• Agriculture
• Kimbal Musk’s “Urban Farming Accelerator”
• Toribio Bellocq’s Water Pump
• Richard Dickinson’s Water Pump

A Simple Generator
• Building a simple generator
Avoiding Lenz’s Law
• An examination of the difficulty
Building a Simple Flywheel Generator
• Suggestions for building a flywheel generator
Building an Advanced Flywheel Generator
• Suggestions for building an advanced flywheel generatorBuilding a Small Self-Powered Generator
• Suggestions for building an advanced flywheel generator
• Methods of home treatment which have proved effective
Reversing Genetic Modification
• A method of returning seed to its original healthy state
The Sabourin Generator
• Self-powered generator which charges a mobile phone overnight

Master the Fundamentals of Electronics: An Extensive Electronics Learning Journey Awaits!

Unraveling the Mysteries of Electronics. From Voltage and Resistance to Transistors and Oscilloscopes, Explore a Comprehensive Tutorial with Guides and Descriptions on Various Electronic Concepts.

• Voltage
• Resistance
• Ohm’s Law (resistive circuits only)
• The Potentiometer
• Understanding what circuit diagrams mean
• Semiconductors – Transistors
• Transistor Testers
• Emitter-followers
• Constant Current circuits
• Substitute Transistors
• Diodes
• Alternating Current
• Coils (Inductors)
• Choosing unspecified component values
• Prototype Construction
• Test Equipment
• Power Supply Unit
• The Oscilloscope
• Measuring magnetic field strength
• The Triac

• Transformers
Rectification and Power Supplies
• The Voltage Doubler
• Multivibrators
• The Bistable
• The Monostable
• The Astable
• Inverters
• Digital Logic and Truth Tables
• The NAND gate and Gating
• The CD4022BC Divide-By-Eight Chip
• The cascaded CD4017B Divide-By-N circuitry
• The PIC chip
• Capacitors
• AC Circuitry, inductors and resonance
• Resonance
• The NE555 Timer Chip
• The 741 Op-amp Chip
• The SCR (Thyristor)
• A simple, versatile, Schmitt inverter signal generator

Experience the Unstoppable Rise of HHO Technology: Real-Life Installations and Media Buzz!

Explore Past Installations and Media News Articles Showcasing the Impact and Effectiveness of HHO Technology. Witness the Revolution in Action with Inspiring Success Stories and Rave Reviews. Click on image to expand. 


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