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best app to save money on gas

best app how to save money on gas, a comprehensive guide

Gas prices continuously rise and weigh on consumers’ money pockets across the country. The current sky-high prices are making everyone wince. Multiple factors increase gas prices, including decreased production and surging demand. However, you can’t do much about these factors but adopt different ways to save money on gas.

Do you want to know how to save money on gas? Then this comprehensive guide is best for you to consider in this regard. Here we will enlist different ways to save your money on gas. (looking to convert your car into hybrid for under $200? click here)

From vehicle upkeep to driving strategies and a lot more, here we have multiple ways to save money on gas.

So, here we go:

Drive patiently

Driving your vehicle patiently can also help you to save money on gas. Following driving rules, coasting more, and accelerating your vehicle slowly aren’t the safe driving rules. These rules can also help you to become a more fuel-efficient driver.

For example, avoid accelerating and pressing a hard brake at the line when approaching the red light. Instead, coast your vehicle to halt and lay off its gas pedal. Also, resist your urge to gun it when the light turns green.

As per the survey, you can save up to 40% of your fuel by adopting these safe-driving tactics. The actual saving will base on your stop-and-go frequency and speed. This practice will consequently help you to save more on gas easily.

Get some cash back with a gas reward card.

Another amazing method to save money on gas is using gas reward cards. Almost all major gas filling stations offer their credit cards. These cards come up with reward programs that will let you earn some cash back every time you use them.

These companies help you to save up to 10% per gallon. However, whenever you choose a gas reward card or participate in a reward program, you must read the terms and conditions of that program. This practice will help you easily opt for a better reward card.

Identify when to use cruise control.

Although cruise control isn’t a certain gas-saver. However, when you use it right, cruise control helps in boosting your fuel saving. You can save fuel with cruise control if you are on a long route with uninterrupted driving miles.

Simply choose a more fuel-efficient speed limit when traveling on the highway. This practice will keep you from driving at inconsistent speeds. It is because inconsistent speeds usually drain out your gas quickly.

Using cruise control is never recommended when you are in a stop-and-go situation.

Get your gas tank filled on the cheapest weekdays.

Arguably, gas prices fluctuate daily. Moreover, gas pricing trends show that some days are cheaper than others in terms of gas prices. According to an estimate by GasBuddy, Friday and Monday are the cheapest days of the week to fill your gas tank. Monday has been the cheapest weekday for gas prices historically. Although Friday has traditionally been an expensive gas day, it is filling the gap.

Always remember that these recommendations are based on trends in national data. To make the most, you must use your judgment as well.

Choose to save money on the gas app to get the best price.

Driving around the town to find a gas station will waste your time and burn more fuel. Ultimately, you will end up spending more on filling your gas tank. Using a gas app can be a better alternative to consider in this regard. A save money on the gas app is highly efficient for comparing the nearest gas station prices. You can easily choose the nearest ga stations and filter them by price to find the best option without roaming around.

Spend less idling time

Idling can drain your quarter to half-gallon of gas per hour. So, when waiting for someone or in a long line, cut your engine to save your gas. Based on your engine size, AC and heater, you can save up to 4 cents/minute by turning off your engine than idling.

The best app to save money on gas:

Do you want to know the best app to save money on gas? There are multiple options available to save money on the gas app. However, here we have enlisted the best apps for you to consider in this regard.

So, here we go:


GasBuddy is the leading and best app to save money on gas. It updates gas prices in real-time. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Key features of GasBuddy include:

  • You can get alerts on daily deals and the best prices at your nearest gas stations.
  • Get a gas card to save up to 25 cents per gallon.
  • By taking part in the GasBuddy community, you can earn additional benefits.

Gas Guru

Yellow Pages owns this application to help people save more on gas. This app will let you determine where you can buy cheaper gas prices.

Key features of Gas Guru include:

  • More streamlined interface
  • The app collects data directly from OPIS to ensure price accuracy
  • You can filter gas stations by prices, distance, and fuel grade.


Above 45,000 gas stations are participating vendors of the Upside gas app. It will get you to enjoy daily offers to save money on gas. Key features of this app include:

  • Enjoy lucrative per gallon discounts every day.
  • Get real cash back on each fill-up
  • Experience more convenient store purchases.


This app offers you a customizable platform to manage your vehicle’s mileage and gas consumption aspects. People who make long trips prefer using Fuelio.

Key features of this best app to save money on gas include:

  • Keep logs of your vehicle mileage and gas consumption
  • Track multiple data points to let you enjoy the most out of every fill-up.
  • Helps you in finding the cheapest gas prices nearby

Final Verdict

You can easily choose any of these applications to save more on gas. These quick overviews of each application can help you make a more informed choice in this regard.